~ Shows I will be attending this year.

Aspen, CO - Feb 3-6

Slammedenuff; CA - Feb 7-10

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ImportEvolution; FL - April 26th

SumoSpeed - Springfest; VA Beach - May 31st

Importfest; Toronto - July 25th

• I only attend shows I am booked for , If you'd like me to attend a certain show please contact me! If you see I am away that means orders do NOT ship those dates, as well as on holidays

Please book at least 2/3 Months in advance for events and shows.

Please provide Event/Show name and location, as well as hours of operation. 

Please specify why you want me to attend/why you are booking me for this show/event and what is expected/what you will be asking of me being there.


Contact Email: